Father Daughter Wedding Dance

As part of our Best Wedding Dance Videos series, we present you with the 6th most watched Father and Daughter video of all time on YouTube with over 730,000 views!  We hope you will enjoy watching this wedding dance and you will find enough inspiration to create your own funny first dance routine.

Father 6 1 Father Daughter Wedding DanceThis video -#6 on our Top 10 Best Wedding Dance Ever Videos of All Time: Father and Daughter– generated a low amount of social interactions with only 400+ likes and 220+ comments, and unarguably those newlyweds  inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of couple all over the world to record their own funny wedding dance video.

I invite you to watch this video on YouTube.

So, how did you find this video?  Any favourite moment(s)?  Did this ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever’ video urge you to deliver your own funny first dance?
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