Our ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever’ Video Reaches 1000 Views

Two weeks after being uploaded on to YouTube, our ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever‘ video has already been watched 1,000 times, which delights us.  Thank you all for your support.

Since coming back home the day after our wedding day, I have been busy sharing and giving visibility to our best wedding dance routing (you tell us!) we love so much.

I am glad to announce that we reached the 1,000 views mark!  THANK YOU EVERYBODY.

Of course, this number is still dwarfed by the most watched wedding dance videos on youtube and their dozens of millions of views.  But it is just the beginning, and now I will start promoting it on social media channels such as twitter or facebook.  Stay tuned!

Have you watched it yet?  If yes, please like it directly on youtube and connect with us on twitter.  If not, we invite you to watch it now on this site.

Thank you all for helping us sharing those fantastic memories with the whole world, and connect with couples out there willing to do something special on their wedding day, and newlyweds who delivered an original first dance to the delight of their guests.

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1 Response to Our ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever’ Video Reaches 1000 Views

  1. karen says:

    Hi! Its cousin Karen Hack from Australia. Loved the dance. It looked as if you put a huge effort into it and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was just amazing to see it from here and share in your happy day. Love to you both and hope to see you back in Australia soon. xx

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