Best Wedding Dance Ever: Video Response #2 (USA)

After just a few days on youtube, we were thrilled to find a second video response to our ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever‘ video, this time from the US.

I invite you to watch the second video response to our best wedding dance video from a lovely YouTube user based in the US.

This video was so cute!  We can’t thank enough this very sweet girl enough for a really touching video.  We look forward to reading more comments and watching more video responses in the months and years to come.

In case you missed it, we invite you to watch our first video response in Spanish.

I wonder how many French people will spend the time sharing their thoughts on youtube, and how positive or negative they will be? 😉

How important is it to you to share your wedding moments online? How touched would you be by those comments (text and video) from strangers based the other side of the world?

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