Best Wedding Dance Ever: Video Response #1 (Colombia)

After just a few days on youtube, we were thrilled to find a video response to our ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever‘ video not even from Europe but all the way from Colombia in Spanish.

I invite you to watch the very first video response to our wedding dance video from a young YouTube user based in Colombia.

This is one of those moments when I really wish I’d speak Spanish!  If any of you understood more words than us (we caught about only ten keywords…), please feel free to enlight us here or via twitter.

This video really touched us and we look forward to reading more comments and watching more video responses in the months and years to come.

I wonder how many French people will spend the time sharing their thoughts on youtube, and how positive or negative they will be? 😉

How important is it to you to share your wedding moments online? How touched would you be by those comments (text and video) from strangers based the other side of the world?

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1 Response to Best Wedding Dance Ever: Video Response #1 (Colombia)

  1. Margarita says:

    He loved your choreography, how you incorporated all the different songs and eras, and how tuned in to each other you are. You seem like a very nice couple. This was very professional. I wish you all the very best as a couple and as dancers. A wonderful show.

    This is more or less what he said!
    In my own behalf: congratulations and well done! All the best, Margarita

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